Deb Dramby

Communications & Outreach

Deb Dramby joined our team in 2019, after seven years at Willowsford Farm, in Loudoun County, Virginia. At Willowsford, she built and co-managed a bustling Farm Stand, pick-your-own garden, 200+ member CSA, and helped launch several farming enterprises including laying hens, broilers, pasture-raised pork and most famously, a herd of weed-eating goats.

Before production farming, her drive to learn about agriculture led her to the University of Maryland’s Institute of Applied Agriculture, where she was the first student to enroll in and graduate from a program for Sustainable Agriculture. There, she played a pivotal role in the creation of the UMD Community Learning Garden, and learned two powerful ways to connect others to agriculture: social media and cute farm animals. After the university allowed the use of Eco-Goats to clear the hillside that became the garden, she fell in love with the goats and their mission, became an apprentice, and eventually started her own herd, who now operate as 56 Hooves.

Deb’s interest and ability to engage people in meaningful conversations about food and farming, in person and online, led her to Future Harvest. Here, she hopes to meet every farmer in the region, connect them to additional customers and resources, and continue to serve the local food movement and encourage best practices throughout the Chesapeake Watershed.

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