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January 12-14, 2023

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Soil Health Management Framework with Clagett Farm: July 25

A one-day intensive training designed to de-mystify small engine machinery and empower users to work safer and more efficiently with their equipment. This training provides a comprehensive overview of safety, maintenance and operation of both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines used on mowers, BCS machines, trimmers, leaf blowers, chain saws and more.


Agricultural Leadership Development Program

Future Harvest is thrilled to be in the first year of our Leadership Initiative for Veterans and Farmers of Color, to offer leadership skill training for those who want to champion policies and lead others to advance minority farmer access to land and resources.

Join the Challenge!

One million acres using healthy soil practices by 2030

Meat Buying Club Toolkit

Get the toolkit to help you decide what sort of meat buying plan works for your needs.

Soil Health

The Soil Health Benchmark Study is an on-farm research project developed and led by PASA Sustainable Agriculture that empowers farmers with a comprehensive assessment of their soil health, and provides comparisons of soil health data between peer farms.


Building a sustainable foodshed from farm and fishery to table