BFTP Trainer Requirements


  • A minimum of five years of farming experience 
  • Three continuous years of farming in current county (preferably on the same farm)
  • Whole Farm Planning (at least two of the following)
    • Business Plan 
    • Farm Conservation Plan  
    • Nutrient Management Plan (as required) 
    • Sustainability Measures
      • Certifications (e.g. Organic, Certified Humane, etc.)
      • Alternative Energy (solar power, wind turbines, etc.)
      • Conservation Easements
      • Profitable Financials

Tests (within the past 3 years)

  • Water 
  • Soil  


  • Workers Compensation, if required by state law 
  • General liability insurance coverage 

Certifications (preferred but not required):

  • Organic  
  • Certified Naturally Grown 
  • Certified Humane 
  • Food Alliance 
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) 
  • Group GAP 

Permits – Up to Date: 

  • Any necessary permits as required


  • Be able to demonstrate profitability with financials 

Teaching Skills (demonstrate experience with the following)

  • Providing clear instruction both about concepts and practical skills 
  • Ability to incorporate feedback and accommodate teaching to various learning styles 
  • Patience with the learning process and using instruction as an opportunity for encouragement and  motivation