Level 2: On-Farm Training

Level 2 Program Requirements Apply to Level 2

Level 2 is the flagship level of our program, founded by Jack and Beckie Gurley and Cathy Tipper in 2009. It requires the greatest time commitment from trainees, requiring 200 hours of on farm training with one of our training farm partners. This level is a great fit for folks who have started their own farm, are managing someone else’s farm or are actively pursuing their own farming project.

The online classroom component of the program centers around writing a business plan and is taught by a farm business consultant. Trainees submit their business plans for feedback from experienced farmers.

Below is our current list of training farms that provide on-farm learning opportunities for Level 2 trainees.  If you are interested in our Beginner Farmer Training Program and do not see a farm located near you, we still encourage you to apply, as we may be able to bring on a nearby farm to work with you

If you are interested in becoming a training farm, please complete our BFTP Trainer Questionnaire and we’ll be in touch. Contact BFTP@futureharvest.org with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!