Where Pigs Fly Farm

Centreville, MD

Where Pigs Fly Farm (Jennifer Klug Vaccaro and Brian Knox): Where Pigs Fly Farm is a regenerative farm raising broiler chickens, heritage turkeys, laying hens and heritage hogs using rotational grazing methods.  We sell our produce to families, restaurants and retailers on the Eastern Shore and Annapolis region.  We use integrated pest management systems and the rotation of plants and animals to combat pests and diseases holistically.  We are not certified organic, however we meet or exceed organic standards in all that we do.  We don’t want chemicals in our bodies, so we don’t put them on our food.  At WPFF we are committed to making every day of our animals’ lives happy and fulfilling. Our animals are raised on rotational pasture systems, enjoying fresh air 365 days per year with clean, dry shelter from the elements. (Centreville, MD)