Victoria Cooper

BFTP Level 2

Victoria Taylor Cooper was born in the Washington, DC and raised in Prince Georges County where she still resides. Her mother and 3 siblings also live in the county. She is a wife of 30 years, and has 3 children: a 24-year old son, 21-year old daughter and a 19-year daughter. She is a professional and works as administrative support and office coordinator for the Federal Government. She was raised in an environment where her parents grew a mid-sized garden and where she was surrounded by greenery, whether it was the forest right outside the home or helping out in the community gardens associated with our church family. She’s always been around things that grow. She owns 10 acres of rural land zoned agriculture/residential and plans to grow a ‘large’ garden as part of a new business that she’s planning to launch in the next few years. 

“I will be 51-years old in early December. I have 3 grown children with one in college and the other two working. I have been married over 30 years, but am now separated from my husband, who still lives with me. I have a passion to move to a rural environment and start a business that supports my passion to grow produce and create revenue. My skills are centered around planning and coordinating resources to serve a set outcome, and I will use these skills towards creating a profitable business. I do have a lot on my plate, which includes helping my mother on the weekends. I am considered essential personnel in my position in the Federal Government, and work from 9a-5p from the building for 2-3 days in the week. I am focused on using my skills to become self-sufficient and successful. I have a laid back and even keeled personality and look forward to learning more about the industry of growing things.”