Samaria King

Field School & Agricultural Leadership Development Initiative

Samaria King is a farmer and herbalist who is passionate about growing food and connecting communities to accessible plant medicine and community centered care. She has worked in the field of urban agriculture since 2014 helping to bring healthier food options to communities in Ward 7 and 8 in DC. Her innovative programs have included CRISP CSA – the first low cost CSA model in DC, The Farm at Kelly Miller – a two-acre urban farm which she managed for four seasons, and the DC Mutual Aid Apothecary which connects people to accessible herbal education, care and products. She loves to teach people how to grow their own food and herbal medicine, and is passionate about helping to train the next generation of farmers and herbalists in the region. She is also a mother of three wonderful kids, a graduate of Howard University and has a BA in Anthropology.

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