Heathcote Community Farm

Freeland, MD

Heathcote Community Farm (Yasmeen Muhammad and Matt Belmont): Yasmeen has been interested in farming since she was a kid and is working on several farming  projects. Currently she is a Back Yard Regenerative Gardener. She specializes in buying organic heirloom produce and using it to grow more produce.  In addition, she grows sprouts and microgreens. She is also familiar with vermiculture and knows how to make organic fertilizer and compost tea. Finally, she is the Accessible Garden Manager at Heathcote which will inspire people with different abilities and the underserved in our communities to farm. Matt Belmont, Heathcote’s Farm Manager, oversees the development and management of the educational permaculture farm with a small CSA.  For this project, Matt will also oversee Many Streams Farm and be responsible for supervising the trainees during their apprenticeship. Matt has over 20 years of experience with sustainable agriculture and has managed several organic farms including Farm of Peace and Cromwell Valley CSA. He also has three years of agricultural experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand. Mr. Belmont holds a Permaculture Design Certificate and a Certificate in Ecological Horticulture from the UC Santa Cruz Farm and Garden Program. He completed the most recent permaculture plan for Heathcote. In addition, he designed and built Heathcote’s large high tunnel, put up a smaller high tunnel, and designed a water catchment project that harvests rainwater from the roof of a residential building and stores it in a catch basin to irrigate the large high tunnel. (Freeland, MD)