Morine Lewis

BFTP Level 2

Mother of three born and raised in Baltimore City. I am a wellness practitioner for my company Mesan Wellness located in Baltimore County (Catonsville) I practice massage, reiki, hypnosis, sound healing and skin care. I came into farming after my therapist suggested I work with plants to help over come grieving the unexpected loss of my parents. she encouraged me to grow with plants and animals understanding life cycles and embracing change. As the grief began to subside I became  more conscious of the injustice of my community. Not sure how my voice or actions would play apart, I just knew I wanted to help. It wasn’t until I attended The Black Butterfly Urban Farm Academy that I could identify the consciousness I was experiencing would soon be my passion towards food/land sovereignty.  I hope to take all that I am learning to open a farm that would facilitate farming, healing and education leadership empowerment. 

Affectionately known as “Mama Mo” Healer, Investor, Future farmer and Activist for food/land sovereignty