JWR Farm

Germantown, MD

JWR Farm (Allen Black): Diversified vegetable, fruit, herbs and flowers grown using a 30’x72’ Gothic hoop house, 2000 row feet of 32” beds with 16” aisles, with drip and/or overhead watering. Fruit/nut trees, blueberries, raspberries, tayberries, asparagus, herb garden, miscellaneous edible/medicinal plants and space for more. Shitake mushroom logs outside wash station, 28’ trailer with prep area and  8’x 10’ cold room, 50’ of LED climate controlled shelf space for starts (50- 50 cell trays for 2500 starts), subcompact tractor, BCS  tiller, hand tools, carpenters shop, pottery studio, marketing, promotion and distribution opportunities and frequent on site live music events. (Germantown, MD)