Juniper Blatt

BFTP Level 3

Juniper is a Black queer land steward on Nottoway lands in so called Waverly, VA. The name of their farm established in early 2020 is Maroon Grove Freedom Farm and it’s made up of 21 acres. Juniper aspires to grow traditional medicine and food as medicine for all oppressed peoples, especially those in rural communities. They also aspire to teach people about the abundance of plant medicine that’s already around them.

“My name is Juniper, pronouns they/them. I have 2 dogs and 7 hens and a rooster. I’m interested in growing hemp as well as herbal perennials and some vegetables for mutual aid and market. I aspire to gain the knowledge to live off the land as best I can. I want to get to a point where me and my community can provide the majority of things that we need and be self/community sufficient. Apart of my goals are to cultivate a food forest here on the land with native fruiting trees and shrubs. I also plan to have horses within the next year and have another person living here with me by that time too.”