Dragonfly Farms

Louisa, VA

Dragonfly Farms. Bruce and Katherine Johnson started in 2007 grass finishing and direct marketing beef and soon after lamb, goat and most recently pork. In Louisa County, we are now grazing 450 acres and have about 200 head of cattle, 30 ewes, 12 does and 3 sows, grazing with regenerative practices. Soil and animal health, water quality and wildlife habitat are important to us while aiming for top quality, well finished and marbled beef on grass alone. We focus on cattle breeding and grazing management. Providing good food for our community, supporting other businesses, helping folks get into farming and paying employees well are also important values to us. Before farming, Bruce has worked in greenhouses, nurseries and landscaping. Katherine is an equine vet running a horse and dog rehabilitation business in Gordonsville. (Louisa, VA)