Dennis Fuze


Dennis has 16 years of flower and small-fruit farming and business owner experience from Greenstone Fields, a farm in Purcellville, VA that he co-managed with his wife Barbara Lamborne. During his 42-year employment career, he led technical and operational transformations for a broad range of industries and legal structures. Dennis’s expertise includes successfully defining missions and visions, developing strategic plans and budgets, creating impactful goals and objectives, and leading people through their responsibilities and toward their own aspirations.
Dennis holds a master’s degree in environmental policy and administration and a bachelor’s degree in biology. He has served as the Chief Technology Officer for the National Association of Corporate Directors, the Vice President of Technology at American Red Cross, the Chief Information Officer at National Public Radio, Director of the Project Management Office at The Nature Conservancy, and the Director of Computer Operations at US EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program.