Dena Leibman

Executive Director

Dena Leibman’s commitment to conservation and sustainable agriculture is lifelong. She has an undergraduate degree in environmental biology and worked for many years as a wildlife biologist in the American West. After one research project where she spent months meticulously counting wild animal droppings in small plots, Dena decided that she would rather write about others doing the research. She returned to school for a Master’s in Journalism and began working for environmental and sustainable agriculture organizations, first producing publications and then growing into managerial jobs overseeing large teams responsible for website development, press outreach, events – and the gamut of social media tools. Dena is now the Executive Director of Future Harvest, her favorite job to date, and co-owner of ZigBone Farm Retreat, a naturally built retreat and event space on a 100-acre sheep and goat farm in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains.

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