Crickhollow Farm

Louisa, VA

Crickhollow Farm (Courtney Guido): Courtney has been gardening and farming since 2003. She lived and worked at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange where she learned about seed saving and small scale organic farming. Since then she has had a passion for learning and teaching others about growing their own food. In 2005 she and her husband Brian Cricket Rakita moved a few miles down the road to Crickhollow Farm in Louisa Va where she manages her small homestead that raises goats, chickens, and vegetables for her family and a few neighbors. Courtney really enjoys gardening and growing her own food and loves it even more when other people want to talk about it with her. She has experience with multiple methods of organic farming and gardening and has helped friends and family plan their small back yard garden plots over the years. Whether its a few raised beds or a several 1000 square foot kitchen garden, the planning is something she really enjoys. (Louisa, VA)