Technical Assistance Provider

Taylor is grateful for the opportunity to support Virginia farmers as a Technical Assistance Provider with the Climate Smart Farming and Marketing program. Over the past eleven years Taylor has worked on a variety of farms in different ecosystems including the Appalachian Mountains, the Desert Southwest, and the Rocky Mountain West. She has greatly enjoyed the opportunity to work with diversified vegetable systems, fruit crops, broilers, laying hens, cattle, sheep, mushrooms, and her personal favorites: annual and perennial medicinal herbs and seed crops.

In addition to farming, Taylor has been motivated to engage with the food system from food access, food sovereignty, and public health perspectives as well. She has had the privilege to work alongside indigenous communities with various non-profit organizations. She has also worked in school gardens and educational settings, connecting youth and adults to the more than human world. She has a B.S. in Environmental Science from Dickinson College.

When not tending and talking to plants, she also enjoys reading, walking in the woods, visiting mountain streams, making herbal medicine, and traveling.