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Million Acre Challenge Releases 3-Year Report

Feb 2, 2023

The Million Acre Challenge helps Maryland farmers build soil health, increase farm profitability, and improve water quality – while making farms resilient and active in the face of climate change. Their farmer-focused collaborative uses soil health science, economics, education, and incentives to achieve their mission: To grow one million acres of healthy soils in Maryland by 2030.

In the first three years they built a solid foundation with farmers, consumers, service providers, and funders to share resources and spur action. To date, the project has:

  • Enrolled over 50 Maryland farmers, managing more than 43,000 acres, as research collaborators in the Pasa Soil Health Benchmark Study
  • Convened a Business Case working group including Extension economists, farmers, and consultants to conduct and analyze research on the profitability of regenerative agriculture
  • Engaged over 500 farmers in soil health programming and peer-to-peer learning events
  • Positioned the coalition to advocate for farmer-driven statewide regenerative agriculture policy

Their vision is enhanced soil and ecosystem health and increased farm profitability on at least one million agricultural acres in Maryland, with significant progress and partnerships in the Chesapeake region, by 2030.

Read the full Three Year Report here.