Urban Agriculture Specialist/Garden Manager

Urban Agriculture Specialist

Part-time: Maximum 20 hours per week

Start Date: Immediately

This is a part-time grant funded position (max 20 hours per week). Initial 3-month contract with the opportunity to extend.

Who We Are:

Acres4Change (A4C) is a response to the growing racial wealth gap in the US. Our pilot program, in Baltimore MD, creates a path to land ownership for BIPOC farmers through a two-year mushroom business and mentoring program. Qualifying individuals have an opportunity to generate income, gain business skills, and create generational wealth.

What We Seek:

We are looking for a talented and passionate individual who can run our small vegetable farm, mushroom operation, and training program. The part-time independent contractor will join a diverse team of highly committed and driven Stewards, Board Members and Volunteers. We’re in search of someone who is mission-driven with strong core values. This position requires personal and professional maturity, creativity, attention to detail, and a commitment to the vision and mission of Acres4Change. An ideal candidate will be excited to join a start-up organization and contribute to its success.


Ethnic Crop Garden project: With the assistance of Stewards, interns, and volunteers-

– maintain and oversee daily gardening tasks such as planting, harvesting, weeding, pest control, record keeping and distribution of food

– maintain drip-irrigation system

– coordinate purchase and storage of farm supplies and equipment

Small Mushroom Farm Operation: With the assistance of Stewards, interns, and volunteers

– monitor and maintain the optimal environmental conditions for mushroom growth, including temperature, humidity, and ventilation

– manage the fruiting and harvesting process

– ensure a clean and sterile working environment to prevent contamination

– identifying and addressing any pests or diseases that may affect mushroom crops

-keep detailed records of environmental conditions, growth stages, and yields

– maintain and repair equipment used in cultivation, such as fans, heaters, and sterilization units

– ensure compliance with food safety regulations and guidelines

– promote safe working practices and maintain a safe work environment

-manage inventory levels of supplies, substrates, and equipment

– order and restock materials as needed

Administrative and grant related tasks

-keep good records and submit information for the annual grant report surveys/documents

Plan/co-Facilitate up to 3 workshops

– coordinate and schedule guest lecturers for both onsite and virtual presentations and workshops

Supervise Stewards, interns, and volunteers

– recruit, train, and supervise volunteers

– plan and supervise Steward, intern, and volunteer work shifts

– incorporate hands-on lessons for Stewards and interns as outlined in the farm education plan

– conduct 1:1 check-ins, ensure that Stewards are completing program requirements and managing time commitments


● Degree in related field or Farm training certificate

● 3 years’ experience running farm training programs

● Excellent verbal and written communication skills

● Demonstrated collaboration skills

● Strong organizational skills– attention to detail, time management etc.

● Desire to be part of a start-up organization

● Cultural competency and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

● A team player with a positive attitude

How to apply: Email résumé and cover letter to pertula@acres4change.org

Application Deadline: Friday, September 15, 2023

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