Three Part Harmony Farm is Hiring – Harvest Crew – 2022 Season

Please send a resume and email to gail@threepartharmonyfarm.com explaining why you want to join our team this year.

Three Part Harmony Farm is looking for 2 – 4 people to join our May – October harvest team. Part-time positions are available for two, three, or four-day weeks. Hours change seasonally (we start earlier and work slightly shorter days in July and August.) There may be opportunities to add occasional Tuesday evening or Saturday hours, as well as possible extended work in November and December.

Only applicants with experience harvesting vegetables will be considered. This is not an apprenticeship or training opportunity.

We work outside in all kinds of weather. We work hard and are on our feet for long hours at a time. It is required to arrive on time each morning, ready to contribute to the team. 

Farming is physically and mentally taxing. Take care of yourself during the season and make sure you eat well and get enough sleep.

You must be able to:

      lift up to 50 pounds

      follow detailed instructions, with the goal of not having to be repeated over and over again 

      harvest dozens of different kinds of vegetables, all with very different specifications

      work well as a team and alone

      be fast while paying attention to detail, being safe, and paying attention to the quality of the item you are harvesting

      be able to take turns cleaning the wash/ pack area, bins, knives, etc. as well as the vegetables [note: you will get wet, sometimes on hot days but sometimes on cold days]

      participate as needed in packing boxes, bagging salad greens, and other tasks related to preparing the harvest for the customer


May – June: work two full days (Tuesdays and Fridays) or four half days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.) 

July – August: work three or four partial days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

September – October: work two full days (Tuesdays and Fridays) or four half days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.)


$248 – $372, depending on how many days you choose. All members of the team can take home a generous sized share every week as well as harvest their own vegetables and herbs if not on the harvest plan that day. Everyone who stays through the end of the season is eligible to receive a bonus.