Summer Camp + Farmer

Camp Louise is a resident summer camp for girls, ages 7-17, located in Cascade, MD. Every summer, we host hundreds of young women who participate in a wide variety of activities, like sports, arts, music, outdoors, swimming, cookery, and more. Campers at Louise learn new skills, grow as individuals, challenge themselves, and make friends that last a lifetime. Staff at Louise get the opportunity to make a lasting and significant positive impact on our campers. Camp staff are role models and rockstars in the eyes of our campers.

Our farm is awesome place where campers learn to care for both plants and animals. They enjoy participating in the full farm-to-table experience. We grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We also take care of goats and chickens. Campers love seeing the progress made on the farm during their time at camp, and enjoy knowing they’ve made an impact on this summer-long project.

This position requires you to live on site, at our beautiful camp, for the duration of our camp season (June 16 – August 13). Room and board are provided. Weekly time-off is given. (There is a possibility of this position being a 9am-5pm)

If you are a student – we will sign off as an internship!

Summer camp is one of the most fun and rewarding places you will ever work. We hope you’ll consider joining us in 2023!

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