Propagation/Field Manager Wanted for Small “No-Till” Organic Farm – Annapolis, Maryland

Maidstone Harvest is a small, growing organic farm that provides beautiful greens, vegetables, and herbs for several local restaurants and various other markets. We are looking for a full-time year-round Propagation/Field Manager with experience who will help manage our production daily, and help us grow well in the years to come. We are seeking an individual who is passionate about farming, hard-working, motivated, and excited to join a growing team. Minimum of two years of experience required.

We are in the process of expanding, and our goal over the next few years is to grow to a 1 ½ acre market farm that will not only cater to our chefs and established restaurants, but also add other exciting venues to absorb the increased produce volume.

Skill Requirements:
Knowledgeable and has experience with no-till organic practices.
Excellent communication with Owner, Farm Manager, administrator, and fellow farm employees.
Computer savvy and able to maintain records of seed starts, planting, production, and yields.
Expertise in soil and field management, planting, cultivation, irrigation, greenhouse work, pest and climate control, and disease management.
With the Farm Manager, help oversee seasonal field staff, interns, and volunteers.
Physically capable of working long days and lifting up to 40 pounds

Salary and compensation package to be fair and equitable, including personal time with overtime, sick days, holidays, and some weekends.

Please forward resume and references to Maidstone2059@gmail.com

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