Nominate “Unsung Heroes of Maryland Agriculture”

The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) announced a new monthly award that will honor the contributions of Marylanders working in various roles in the farming and food production industries. Agriculture Secretary Joe Bartenfelder will present the “Unsung Heroes of Maryland Agriculture” award monthly to Marylanders who embody the dedication and commitment of the state’s agriculture community.
“While farmers are often front-and-center when we think of agriculture, those of us who work in the industry know it takes a lot more work to get food from the field to your plates,” said Secretary Bartenfelder. “Our state is fortunate to have many outstanding individuals working at every level of the food supply chain. This award is my way of giving them the recognition they deserve and hopefully inspiring future generations of Marylanders to consider careers in agriculture and food production.”

The department is now accepting nominations for the “Unsung Heroes of Maryland Agriculture Award” for March 2022. Each month’s honoree will be announced on the department’s blog and on social media.

To submit nominations, please fill out this Google form or contact Denise Burrell at denise.burrell@maryland.gov.