New Tool: Nutrition Navigator

The new tool for our region is called the Nutrition Navigator. MCFC was contracted by The Food Trust to help promote and populate the tool for the DMV. We are defining the region using COG’s boundaries, but it’s not a strict rule.

The types of programs that will appear on the map fall into one or more of the following categories and are available to the general public:

  • Find Healthy, Local Food Near Me (Non-emergency food): Any location that offers expanded fruit & vegetable options and/or farm-fresh products, such as farmers markets and co-ops, or corner stores offering fresh produce, a healthy checkout aisle, etc.
  • Learn About Food & Nutrition: Any location that hosts nutrition education and/or health screenings
  • Stretch My Food Budget: Any location that issues or accepts nutrition incentives, such as double Food Bucks, Maryland Market Money, expanded WIC vouchers, etc.
  • Train for Food and Farming Jobs: Any location that offers culinary or agriculture-related job training, or offers kitchen space for food business startups