Middletown, Maryland–Open Book Farm seeking 2023 farm team member

Open Book Farm is a diverse livestock and vegetable farm in Frederick County, Maryland.  Each season we raise approximately 2500 meat chickens, 100 turkeys, 200 laying hens, 30 hogs, and 8-12 steers.  We grow certified organic vegetables intensively on a footprint of under 1 acre.

The majority of veggie work takes place in our greenhouse and high tunnels, where we have permanent raised beds and a no-till system, though we do also have outdoor space for lower maintenance crops.  Animal work involves moving animals, feeding, moving fences, collecting eggs, and processing poultry, which we do on nine work days in our state-licensed facility. In addition to production, employees represent our farm at farmer’s market, in DC, as well as at on-farm sales days.

Job Description: Farm Team Member
Beginning/End: April-October, with the possibility of part-time winter work before or after the season.
Days: Tuesday-Saturday
Hours: 35-45 per week
Starting pay: $15/hour
Housing available in a furnished apartment for $500/month.

Key Responsibilities

  • Livestock

    • Collect, wash, and pack eggs

    • Move fences for hogs, laying hens, and steers

    • Perform daily broiler/turkey chores

    • Maintain optimal conditions in our chick brooder.

    • Assist with chicken processing

  • Vegetables

    • Soil prep work: fertilizing, prepping soil for seeding/transplanting

    • Greenhouse work: seeding, watering, and potting on

    • Field work: transplanting, weeding, harvesting

    • High Tunnel: trellising, pruning, harvesting

  • Markets

    • Work to create an attractive display and a well stocked stand

    • Strive to create a positive experience for customers

    • Utilize POS systems effectively for accurate sales record keeping

    • Safely travel to and from market and deliveries

  • Mindset

    • Maintains food quality and food safety standards

    • Prioritizes organization and a tidy farm

    • Works with an eye for efficiency and system improvement

    • Maintains flexibility and a positive attitude


  • Strong communication skills

  • Ability to make informed and accurate decisions and work productively either solo or in groups

  • Ability to lift 50 pounds

  • Drivers license and clean driving record

Other Skills, preferred but not required

  • 2+ season of experience on for-profit farms

  • Familiarity with a tractor, front end loader, and implements such as brush hog, chisel plow, and tiller

  • Proficient  with small internal combustion engines (weedwacker, BCS, chain saw)

  • Experience with hand tools (drill, circular saw, sawzall, etc)


How to Apply: To apply for this position, please email us a resume, 2-3 references, and brief answers to the following questions:

  • Why do you want to work on our farm?

  • Any special considerations we should know about?  (Pets, diet, health, skills/trades?)