Lavender Farm Seeks Farm Hand!

Star Bright Farm LLC

Job Title: Farm Hand

Starting Hours: 3 days/week (20-25) hours/week hrs/week)-5 days/week June-July
Starting wage: $14.00/hr. Season goes April-October

Daily hours: Work Starts at 8 and plan to work until 4:30
Farm work is rewarding, active, beautiful, and constructive; it is also challenging, exposed to the elements, grueling and monotonous. Work days may not end until a job is done and maybe quite uncomfortable at times. It is the type of work that requires optimism and a “see the forest through the trees” attitude.
This job will focus, primarily on; tasks that range from setting up biological spraying, hand cultivation, hand harvest, processing dried herbs and more. It is often hard work in the elements, and can be a slog at times, but is always rewarding at the end of a day. We host a good number of weekend events, which offer additional work opportunity to help with set up, operation and breakdown.
Our farm is engaged in a lot of different activities that keep us busy in the field and with our community, so work here can be cross disciplinary.

Job Responsibilities:

Work hard, move quickly, pay attention to nature, and enjoy the process

(Field Duties)
• Hand Harvest Of leafy herbs, hand picked flowers and fruiting crops
• Hand cultivation to maintain “clean fields”
o Weeding Done by hand, and long handled weeding hoes
• Setting up drip irrigation
• Washing, bunching and prepping herbs and produce for orders/Drying
• Laying, moving and lifting “silage tarps” for bed prep
• Mulching beds and trees
• Laying out protective row covers
• Processing Dried Herbs
• Weekly spraying of bacterial probiotics, organic disease control and fertilizers
o Backpack Sprayer

• Brewing natural biological inoculants
• Help set up for events

At least 1 full season working experience on a farm preferred, but not required
An interest to see things through, and finish jobs before moving on
Observation and attention to detail
Ability to lift 50 lbs or more
Good fitness: these are long days outside, with a lot of moving around. We focus almost entirely on “human power” to get the job done, which means a lot of crouching, bending over and walking; 5-10 miles walking a day. Spraying requires walking with 40lbs on your back


This letter describes where this position begins, not where it’s meant to go. We offer the opportunity to grow and develop with this business to anyone who joins our team. I cannot be sure what the future holds, but can guarantee that we approach it with the best intentions, a desire for a healthier planet and a satisfying way of life.

Here is a link to our website: www.starbright-farm.com

Best Regards,

Peter Elmore
Farm Director, Star Bright Farm

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