Land Use Opportunity

Nisani Farm is searching for a person or couple to act as caretaker(s) while the farm’s owners move toward retirement. In recognition that land acquisition is a critical barrier for new farmers, especially BIPOC farmers, Nisani Farm wants to support new farmers by making its farm available to a farmer (or couple) in need of land to farm, rather than shutting down its operations.
Nisani Farm is on 50 acres in Phenix, Virginia. We currently farm on about 2 acres in three high tunnels and outdoor permanent beds. We have devoted a significant part of our operation to ginger and turmeric, as well as produce, flowers, and fruit trees.
The ideal caretaker(s) must be organized, detail oriented, and creative with the tenacity and know-how to see organic farm projects to their conclusion. The prospective applicant(s) will have the opportunity to work alongside Ann and Bruce through the remainder of 2022 after which the prospective farmer(s) will take over the operation. Ann and Bruce will retain ownership of the land while the caretaker(s) will have access to buildings, land and equipment for operating the farm as well as accommodations on site.
During transition in 2022, the farmer will be paid, and will have access to housing on the farm with the goal of working toward managing the operation. This entails assuming control of all farm operations, recruitment, supervision, care, maintenance, succession planning and planting, cost of inputs and utilities and any other duties needed to run a small organic farm. Farm proceeds and profits would belong to the caretaker once they assume full control of the farming operations.
Please send your resume to us at nisanifarm@gmail.com.

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