Internships and Field Crew Positions Available for Diversified Farm in Western PA

We are a highly diversified farm in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania. We operate a full-diet, free-choice farm-share program, sell to several restaurants, and go to 4-5 farmers’ markets per week. We grow most every kind of vegetable suited to our climate, as well as several varieties of mushrooms. We keep bees, and raise several animals, including chickens for eggs and meat, turkeys, cows, pigs, lambs and rabbits. We have a small but growing fruit orchard that we plan to expand this year – blueberries, apples, raspberries, peaches and more. We also forage wild edibles and medicinals for our farm-share members, grow woodland medicinals like goldenseal and ginseng, and do value-added goods like bread and granola. Therefore, interns will have a unique opportunity to get a well-rounded farming education.

It is preferred that intern applicants be willing to commit to the entire farming season, which begins March 15 and ends in late November with the Thanksgiving turkey slaughter, but we understand many people would like to intern during their summer break from college, which we are happy to accommodate. Interns will be provided room and board, plus a weekly percentage of gross income. Interns will be expected to work alongside the rest of the crew, which can be very long hours during the summer months. On weekends, interns are free to leave, but are asked to do the animal chores if they choose to stay at the farm.

Responsibilities will include daily livestock care, seed starting, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, packing for markets and CSA pickup days, helping with mushroom cultivation, poultry processing, washing and packing eggs, farm cleanup, taking turns cooking meals, cutting and splitting firewood, and helping with various on-farm construction jobs. During the growing season, we live a community-oriented lifestyle with our workers, meaning everyone pitches in with shared meals, cleaning, and fun.

Also available are positions for our summer field crew. This is a perfect position for someone who wants a quick summer gig for cash, whether between college semesters, while travelling, or in between jobs. The position runs nine weeks, from May 31 – Aug 1 of 2022. Come stay on the farm with a group of fellow crew members, get fed, have fun, and work hard for two months — go home with a wad of cash.

Contact Name: Ben Yoder
Contact Email:  bjyoder1@gmail.com
Contact Number: 828.582.9407