Hiring Farm Director for Redlands Farm at St. Timothy’s School

Director of Redlands Farm

As Redlands Farm is in the midst of its eighth year, we are seeking a hard-working, passionate, and
experienced grower with an interest in education to take on the Director role. This position is
responsible for managing all aspects of the farm and educational program. It is important that the
candidate is committed to the core values and mission that the farm was founded on. This includes
continuing to focus on a holistic model, encompassing everything from maintaining production
standards to managing the economic viability of the program to developing community wellness
initiatives. The ideal candidate has experience working on a farm and understands the nature of
the highly challenging but rewarding lifestyle that this type of job entails. This individual
should also have experience working with youth in an educational and experiential setting. It is
essential that the individual in this position is equally enthusiastic about the farming
responsibilities as well as the educational component.

The Director of Redlands Farm operates within the context of a larger institution and must
collaborate and communicate effectively with multiple departments. The on-campus dining facility,
the Commons, is managed by Bon Appetit so the Director works in partnership with the chef to plan a
growing schedule and maximize the value of having a farm on site. The candidate must also be
willing to work with teaching faculty to develop dynamic and relevant lessons for students.
Furthermore, the Health and Wellness Center on campus plays a critical and active role in working
with students to promote holistic health and well-being. The Director of Redlands Farm works
closely with this department to plan educational programs and events.

This will be the second time that the farm has undergone a transition in management, so it is
critical that the interested candidate is dedicated to sustaining as well as improving current
model. The goal is for Redlands Farm and students involved in the Farm Program to continue to grow
and evolve. Redlands Farm exists to spark curiosity and engage students on a new level, bringing
real world issues to the forefront of their education. Students feel empowered intellectually and
physically through the very tangible outcomes that they produce. It is the responsibility of the
Director to not only maximize production outcomes, but also facilitate meaningful experiences and
opportunities for students in a supportive, inclusive, and nurturing manner.

Primary Responsibilities
• All tasks associated with farming including, but not limited to, scheduling and ordering,
seeding, and transplanting, cultivation, harvesting, Integrated Pest Management, fertilizing and
nutrient management, cover cropping, crop rotation, irrigation, composting, and waste reduction.
• Post-Harvest handling including washing, packing, sorting, and delivering produce
• Mowing, weed whacking, infrastructure maintenance, and general farm upkeep
• Creating and instructing a place-based curriculum for a three-season after school Farm

• Budget planning, management, and record-keeping

• Collaborate with other departments including the Health and Wellness Center, Admissions,
Academics, Dining Services, Athletics, and Student Life.
• Develop and deliver presentations to school board and community members about ongoing
progress and new initiatives
• Plan monthly dinners with chef to highlight Redlands Farm produce
• Work to bring in outside speakers and organizations to elevate learning opportunities for
• Compliance with Food Safety Regulations and Good Agricultural Practices
• Maintain erosion-control measures and manage farm activities to minimize impact on the
adjacent protected wetlands and regional watershed
• 2-3 seasons of work experience on a vegetable farm.
• Experience working with and/or teaching youth, preferably high school age students, in an
outdoor, hands-on environment.
• Knowledgeable regarding year-round growing schedules in a mid-Atlantic climate, including
growing in tunnel structures to maximize production
• Skilled in basic tool usage and maintenance. A walk-behind BCS tractor is the primary tool
used for end and beginning of season groundwork including cover crop mowing, minimum tillage, and
plowing. Day to day work is done by basic hand tools.
• Familiarity with Best Management Practices concerning water quality and land use
• Preferred experience working with chickens for egg production and honeybees
• A strong work ethic and ability to work outside in a variety of weather conditions, including
everything from heat, rain, and freezing temperatures with a positive attitude
• Ability to lift 50 lbs. and has the physical health and ability to work often times repetitive
tasks for long periods of time squatting or kneeling
• Proficient verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to work well independently as well as collaboratively
• Maintains strong organizational skills, pays attention to details and efficiencies
• Goal oriented and personally motivated
• Creative and an effective problem-solver
• Demonstrates mindfulness and respect related to working in a diverse, all girls high school
boarding environment
• Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation
• Must pass state and federal background check to work in a secondary school setting

• Salaried, year-round position with benefits and paid time off. Salary is $45,000 to
$50,000 depending on experience.
• Housing on site is provided.
• Three meals a day provided when the school kitchen is open. The kitchen will be open for
most of the year except for holiday breaks and summer.

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