Hiring Farm Crew for Sweet Greens Farm – Flower & Vegetable Farm, Scottsville VA

Sweet Greens Farm in Scottsville, VA is hiring! 
Farm Crew 
We are looking for friendly folks to join our team for the 2022 season. Ideal candidates will have a positive attitude in all weather conditions, a strong interest in food, flowers and farming, be capable of working at an efficient pace and enjoy working outdoors both on a team and individually.
Farm crew members report to the farm owners/managers, and will work both independently and alongside the farm owners and one or more farm crew members on a wide variety of tasks. As a small team you will have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of farm production.
 Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:
  • Field work including weeding, planting, field preparation and farm maintenance
  • Harvesting, washing and packing produce
  • Cutting, processing and bunching flowers and assembling bouquets 
  • Greenhouse work including seeding, propagation and maintenance
  • Cleaning, sanitizing and organizing equipment and materials
  • Selling vegetables and flowers directly to the public at the farmers market Saturday mornings 
  • Assisting with floral design work 

Schedule: Full time farm crew members work an average of 40 hours per week, 5-6 days per week, with Sundays off.  At least 2-3 Saturday farmers market shifts are required per month. Field work and harvest starts at dawn in the summer. During market season you’ll be expected to work often up to 50 hours a week, while in March and November hours are reduced below 40.

Compensation & benefits: Hourly wage of $12.50/hr. Free seconds produce and flowers are available for personal consumption. Limited crops are available at a discount. Housing is available for rent as a private bedroom in a shared 2BR apartment in downtown Scottsville (3.5miles away, a 5 minute drive from the farm) for $550/month including electricity, trash/recycling and water/sewer. Housing is contingent on full-time employment. 
  • You must have experience working on a farm or performing other outdoor physical work, preferably in a fast paced team environment
  • Farm crew members are required to stand, bend, kneel, squat, cut/snip and lift and move 50 pounds, repeatedly for extended periods of time.
  • You must be able to have a positive attitude and work efficiently outdoors in all weather conditions.
  • We expect you to enjoy working both on a team and individually.
  • Must have a drivers license and reliable transportation. 
  • You should have the desire to pursue farming as a career and learn new farming systems.
  • We prefer a commitment to the full season March 1st – the end of November.
  • We value the ability to focus on quality and pay attention to detail while working with speed

How to Apply

Download the job application by clicking this link or visiting our website. Submit completed applications as a PDF file along with your resume to: sweetgreensfarm@gmail.com

About Sweet Greens Farm 
Sweet Greens Farm is a small diversified farm and floral design studio in Scottsville, Virginia just south of Charlottesville specializing in unique and heirloom cut flowers and produce. We are a husband and wife team committed to using ecologically sustainable practices to grow vegetables and flowers on about five acres of our 65 acre property. We do not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We power our systems with the biology of the soil through the use of cover crops, crop rotation and compost. We use modern scale-appropriate tools like our electric cultivating tractor for weed control. We practice farm driven sustainable floral design, using eco-friendly mechanics without the use of floral foam.

Established in 2016, we serve the Charlottesville and Richmond Virginia areas. We have a diverse set of sales outlets. We sell at a lively Saturday farmers market in Charlottesville. We have a growing community supported agriculture program for both produce and flowers. We participate in a cut-flower coop, the River City Flower Exchange. We sell produce and flowers directly to wholesale clients including local restaurants, grocers, caterers, florists and designers. We also provide flowers and floral design services for weddings and special events. 

Jim Marzluff and Claudia Seixas
Sweet Greens Farm LLC
Local, sustainable, fresh
Produce, cut flowers & floral design
Scottsville, VA