FT Job: USDA People’s Garden Manager – DC/Beltsville

We’re hiring someone to be the People’s Garden Manager at the USDA headquarters (with the greenhouse at the Maryland Plant Materials Center in Beltsville)!

We’re looking for someone who’s great at growing food plants and flowers, and at building community as we teach and learn about plants, soils, agriculture and conservation!

The application window closes on April 8th, so please share it with your networks if you know someone who’d be a good fit!

This part of the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service; the work is 40hrs/week, the starting salary is $53K / year, and the position is a 3-year term.

More details are on the announcement and you can email me at natalie.m.howe@usda.gov if you have questions about the job or the application!

I’d love for someone from the DC urban agriculture community to the be the USDA People’s Garden Manager, so maybe our garden could be more of a resource for other folks in the area!

USAJOBS – Job Announcement