Fireside Farm Hiring 1 More Full-Time Farm Worker – Purcellville, VA

Fireside Farm is seeking one more full-time employee for 2024, to join our team of 3 full-time workers, 2 managers and a handful of part-timers. If you like us and we like you, this could just be the beginning … options for part-time winter work and a position in 2025 could be yours, too!

We are first generation farmers, growing vegetables, herbs and grain on 4+ acres on leased land in Loudoun County, VA. We believe that prioritizing soil health gives you more disease and pest resistant plants – and those yield more high-quality, delicious and nutrient-dense food.

Ideal candidates for Fireside Farm will
– Be comfortable working outside in all weather conditions for up to 8 hours a day
– Have experience working in team settings (like trail crews, sports teams, restaurants) and have enjoyed the dynamic therein
– Be able to follow instructions from the owners or experienced co-workers even if they have their own idea on how to do something
– Have some agricultural experience
– Have a positive attitude (most of the time – we’re all human!)
– Be interested in learning about why we do what we do
– Be considerate of co-workers and our friends and neighbors with whom we share the land
– Be patient with changes dictated by a growing business or mother nature’s unpredictability
– Have a sense of humor ( or be able to laugh at some of our jokes)
-Are able to lift 40 lbs.

Workers at Fireside Farm are involved in most aspects of vegetable production including seeding, planting, weeding, irrigating, harvesting and washing. We’re also happy to delegate tasks based on the skill set that an employee brings to the job (construction, marketing, tractor driving, etc.) If an employee is interested in helping with pizza, they may also prep veggies, learn how to shape doughs or actively help make pizzas on pizza nights.

Workers are on the farm Monday-Friday, with a half day on Wednesdays. Fireside goes to 2 farmers markets on Saturdays – some Saturdays may be included to cover farmers markets on a predetermined schedule. We start at 8 or 8:30 and end between 4 and 5 everyday. Lunch is unpaid for 30-45 minutes on the farm. Every Thursday there is an optional potluck lunch with neighboring farms.

Wages are $14-$16 per hour DOE. Bonuses given when employee completes term of commitment. Fireside will pay for returning employees to attend a farming conference or class of their choosing. Employees are eligible for retirement benefits after their 3rd season with Fireside Farm. Access to veggies is a huge perk of the job. Housing is not included, but we can help with finding a rental. Most employees live 15 minutes away in Brunswick, MD.

Stacey and Casey have 15 years of experience managing farm crews on farms from 3 to 12 employees a season. We try to be reasonable bosses by varying up tasks, varying up who you’re working with, doing harder jobs in the morning and by explaining why we’re doing what we’re doing. In turn, we expect workers to become more efficient and proficient at their jobs over time and be conscientious about how their actions affect the farm and other members of the crew.

We want this to be a meaningful experience for our workers. Although this will be our fourth season in business as Fireside, we have been farming in this area for 17 seasons. We feel connected to our community of farmers, chefs, brewers, bakers, herbalists and food lovers and we’re happy to include our workers in our community, too.
If interested in applying, please send a resume with 2 references to Stacey. (stacey@farmfireside.com)
We can also provide references for us upon request, so you can ask former employees what it is like to work with us.
Thank you for your interest in Fireside Farm.

Find more information about us at farmfireside.com or on Instagram: farmfireside

Northern Virginia
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