The Licking Creek Bend Farm is a unique worker-run farm. Great opportunity to learn basics of raising sustainably-grown pesticide-free vegetables, fruit and Christmas trees in PA’s Allegheny Mountains. 2-hours from Washington/Baltimore/Pittsburgh. Beautiful farm near C&O Canal in a valley – swimmable creek. Free WiFi. Close by biking, hiking, close to Appalachian Trail. Near Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and Bluegrass and folk festivals.

US citizens and green card holders able to work in the US can apply. Valid drivers license and fully vaccinated for Covid required, non-smokers. Most be in good physical shape. Seasonal work Now – November (with flexibility but with a 2-month commitment)

Our 50-year philosophy-to sell healthily grown, pesticide-free food at affordable prices to farmers markets, co-ops, CSAs and universities in the DC/Baltimore area. Our farm practices are Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) which exceed USDA organic standards. We participate in several subsidy programs and have our own CSA subsidy program for

The season is Now – November but we can negotiate start time for part or all of the season with at least a 2-month minimum commitment. We also seek workers interested in a multiple year commitment. We take seriously the pandemic and take every caution possible to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.

PLEASE INCLUDE A RESUME AND COVER LETTER EXPLAINING WHY THIS OPPORTUNITY INTERESTS YOU, WHY YOU WANT TO WORK ON A FARM AND WHAT YOU CAN BRING TO THE POSITION. We will not consider you without this information. Must be US citizen/green card, have a valid driver’s license and be fully vaccinated for Covid.

PAID: Salary – $1,000/month plus (your own) room and board. This is a seasonal position from Now – November. We ask for a minimum of 2 months commitment and the starting time is negotiable.

ROOM/BOARD: Own room in modern farm house with solar panels, vegetarian lifestyle on the farm. We also have one cabin that can house up to 3.

AVAILABILITY: Now-November. Minimum 2 months commitment but longer term preferred.

The staff makes decisions together so learning to work as a team is essential. And mostly to be serious about your time commitment. This is not a 9-5 type job. The planting, nurturing and harvesting is on the plants’ schedule, not ours. Each variety has its own growing time frame, so the planting has to get done in a timely manner, then the plants have to be weeded, nurtured and cared for during their growth, and then harvested when they are ready and for each farmers market.

It is very hard to get staff mid-season, so we need folks early in the season who understand the rhythm of farming, love the earth and its gifts, can work in harmony as a staff and who are willing to stick to their commitment (barring unforeseen circumstances or the fit turns out not to be right!). We do our best to make the farm experience really rewarding and fun.

We have experienced long-term staff and welcome folks who want to learn farming without chemicals. Staff needs to be in touch with the rhythm of farming, and as a staff learn what needs to be done, determine how the work will get done, talk about how to improve the process and provide input in all aspects of the farm operation.

• All the basics of starting and running a pesticide-free fruit and vegetable farm including: starting seeds, greenhouse production, planting, fertilization, drip irrigation, high tunnel growing, cultivation, farmers markets and CSAs. And,
• Elementals of Beekeeping
• Growing Hemp
• Reaching out to low-income communities
• …and lots more

Those who want to get their feet wet learning the basics of growing healthy food will want to apply. We also want to strongly encourage those who are searching for roots in this industry; and who will approach this opportunity with a deep sense of purpose.
This experience can lead to careers in nutrition, food policy, and other related fields.

Our staff run several farm markets and we offer a 100 family CSA including a a subsidized CSA for first responders and essential service providers impacted by the pandemic. Each staff person takes turns working at our farm markets and preparing the CSA shares. Philosophically, the farm supports a policy of growing food sustainably and pricing it affordably in mixed income neighborhoods since 1972. We now offer a Subsidy CSA program for first responders and essential service providers.

Check out these two videos that offer a look at our farm and practices.

website: www.lickingcreekbendfarm.com
Instagram: @lickingcreekbendfarm

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