Farm Operations Manager – One Acre Farm

About One Acre Farm: One Acre Farm (OAF) is a diversified CSA farm growing certified naturally grown vegetables on 9 acres in Dickerson, MD, about 45 minutes west of Washington, D.C. OAF’s mission is to grow healthy, nutritious, food for the community while maintaining a high quality of life for all farm team members.

The farm prioritizes soil health as the main ingredient for growing top-quality food: healthy soil, healthy plants, equals healthy people. Over the past four years, the farm has tripled in growth. OAF looks forward to holding at this scale, while increasing efficiencies and productivity.

About The Job: The Farm Operations Manager is responsible for keeping the farm on track on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and serving as the head farmer’s “thought partner”. This is a Full time, permanent position. Here are the major work areas:

• Managing the 180 person CSA, handling all email communications, harvest planning,
subscription management
• Managing non-CSA sales to wholesale buyers, and to satellite vegetable distribution program: this is a pre-paid mini-CSA for an institutional buyer
• Planning and managing two annual farm tours, and end of season Pick-Your-Own Day
• Handling all website updates, blog posts, social media, and email blast campaigns.

Compensation: Hourly to start at minimum of $18/hour based on experience, with the goal being to move to salary. Expect 40-45 hour work weeks, minimal weekend work. Other benefit options include sick pay, paid vacation, medical stipend, and on-farm housing.

How to Apply: Click this link to fill out a farm questionnaire.