Farm Manager Wanted – Shenandoah Seasonal

An exciting opportunity to lead the production and daily operations of a 2.5 acre diversified organic vegetable farm. This is a year-round, full-time managerial position. As the Farm Manager, you are tasked with the management and execution of the overall farm business plan.

Specific Responsibilities:
* In charge of daily farm operations and schedule
* Lead the management and execution of the weekly farm tasks
* Management of production oriented tasks such as bed prep, propagation/seeding/planting/transplanting, weed management, harvesting, farm maintenance, cultivation and irrigation.
* Record keeping responsibilities- planting records, input records, harvest records, inventory record keeping
* Lead the crew on production tasks, harvest and pack station. Keep people on pace, track inventory, in charge of quality control with a strong focus on detail.
* In charge of overseeing the success of crew members at farmers market, the farm stand and the farm share program. This includes staff scheduling, communication with market mangers, and weekly sales reporting.
* Lead weekly staff meetings
* Work with owners to develop a system of employee performance tracking
* Food Safety Lead
* Supply ordering and receipt tracking
* Assist owners in organic certification requirements and inspections
* Assist owners on financial tracking

The General Manager works closely with the farm owners to execute daily operations of the farm. This includes, but is not limited to the following tasks:

-All aspects of vegetable production, sales, and marketing
-Farm work such as weeding, transplanting, irrigating, bed prep and harvesting, post harvest washing, packaging and organizing, greenhouse and tunnel work (moving and setting up mobile tunnels, trellising, seeding starts, etc.)
-General farm maintenance such as aiding in infrastructure projects, grounds keeping
-Aides in the development and growth of the team
-Farmers market duties, such as waking up to drive to early markets, setting up an attractive but shop-able vegetable display, and establishing great customer relationships on behalf of our farm

There is an opportunity to grow with our farm and we are searching for motivated candidates who are comfortable in an evolving management role and who ideally would like to manage a farm enterprise of their own one day.
Expect the work to be physically and mentally demanding. Our farm operates in all weather, rain or shine, hot or cold; you are expected to be equipped for all conditions. This is a very fast-paced and physically demanding job.

Requirements: Prior experience working on a farm is required. Valid Drivers License required. Must be able to lift 50 pounds and operate a BCS tractor, weed trimmer, and confidently drive and back a van and small trailer.

Skills Desired: An ideal candidate would possess the following traits:
-A strong work ethic and drive to go above and beyond
-The ability to work quickly and efficiently while maintaining keen attention to detail
-The ability to work in a team or independently
-Possess a good attitude and willingness to work hard

Compensation: $50K-$60K – commensurate with experience

Please apply if you have the ability to learn with an open mind and want to be part of a trustworthy and accountable farm family. Must be a resident of the United States to apply.

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