Diddly Squat Farming, LLC, Brandywine, MD., seeking part time Farm Manager

Farm Manager Position Description: Sales and marketing experience needed. The farm manager will participate in farm duties such as tilling, planting, fertilizing, watering, cultivating, and harvesting crops. The skills and abilities include but are not limited to: Strong decision-making. Problem-solving. Communication skills. Work well with others. Customer oriented. Leadership skills. General knowledge of farm equipment, i.e., tractor, tillage, plow, row-maker. Administration skills, i.e., invoicing, spreadsheets, .pdfs, digital databases. Must have your own transportation.

Pay: $25 per hour. Part-time annual salary: $21, 600. Bonus: 20% of sales and marketing -ability to sell crop harvests to food trucks, specialty food stores, local restaurants (Asian, Hispanic, Jamaican, Mexican, Peruvian, soul food, etc.), farmers market.

Constance Satchell, Owner
Diddly Squat Farming, LLC
Cell: (202) 230-8822
Bus. (301) 298-9525