72-Hour Permaculture Design Certification Course – Upperville, VA – September 7-14th, 2022

Join the Oak Spring Garden Foundation in Upperville, VA (September 7-14, 2022) for a 72-Hour Permaculture Design Certification Course taught by local instructor and president of the Regenerative Earth LLC, Danielle Wyman Castellano. Details below –

The purpose of this course is to connect participants to their landscapes; first through observation and interaction, and then through design. We will explore what it means to create resiliency on an individual, community and even global scale around the production of food. The concept of permaculture (or permanent agriculture) was coined by Bill Mollison in the 1980’s. Permaculture involves the cultivation of food and fiber in a way that mimics nature and its patterns. (Think forest gardening as opposed to industrial agriculture.) This design process asks the participants to develop a completely new relationship with nature, one in which the designer learns how to understand and discover what the land wants rather than imposing destructive practices. Participants will have a wide variety of hands-on learning experiences available to them across OSGF’s stunning property. All are welcome and invited to join this world-changing course.

Topics will include: an overview of our current food system, design principles and practices, climate, topography (how to read the landscape), soil, plants, farming techniques, water, sun (microclimates), wind, infrastructure, energy cycling within the system, animals, permaculture ethics, earthworks, natural building, aqua and hydroponics, herbal remedies, community building and more.

This field course is ideally suited to professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who know that another way is possible.

Humanists, artists, scientists, social scientists, educators, and advanced students across disciplines are all welcome, whether experienced or budding designers. We hope that participants will find varied applications for the material to share what they gain from the program. Participants should come with a sense of curiosity, and be ready to participate actively in the process of understanding landscapes, to learn alongside their peers, to build community, to share and listen while contemplating the needs of the surrounding landscapes.

Due to continuing COVID uncertainty, this non-residential course will be limited to 9 participants. Each participant will be required to provide their own lodging and transportation for the duration of the course.

About Regenerative Earth Design, LLC:
At Regenerative Earth Design, their aim is to evoke a reconnection with the natural world through holistic education, community building and design.
Change the perception of natural resources and landscapes through appropriate water and land management practices.
Provide the freedom to develop healthy lifestyles and culture by changing the way we farm and distribute food (i.e. utilizing agroforestry and direct markets).
Revitalize local economies and boost community scale resilience through the adoption of regenerative land management and natural building methods.

Danielle Wyman Castellano is President of Regenerative Earth Design and is an Adjunct Professor for Food Systems and Policy with the School of Integrative Studies at George Mason University. Born and raised in upstate New York, she moved to Virginia with her family in 1996. Danielle has worked to implement change within the food system for the past 13 years; from farm to school/institution. She created the edible landscape and gardens program at George Mason University where she received her undergraduate degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Graduate Degree in Sustainable Food Systems. For her master’s project she created a Sustainable Food Systems Mapping Tool that incorporates a strong experiential component towards connecting us with our local foodsheds. She received her Permaculture Design Certification in 2011 and then her Permaculture Teacher Training in 2014 from the Permaculture Project, LLC. She provides consultation and design services within the food system on both a residential and commercial scale. She and her husband have worked with clients from a handful of states on realizing their own permaculture visions. Read an interview with Danielle on our blog here.

Guest instructors for this course may include members of the Oak Spring Garden Foundation’s Garden and Biocultural Conservation Farm teams.

Dates and Duration:
The course runs for eight (8) days beginning Wednesday, September 7, 2022 and ending Wednesday, September 14, 2022. Expect the program to run from 8:30am until 5:00pm daily with evening activities on Friday, September 9th and Monday, September 12th.

Course Materials:
Participants will be provided a course syllabus and list of accompanying readings prior to the program’s start date. Participants are expected to bring their own materials for note-taking and sketches.

Course Fee:
$900 (includes course content, certification and all lunches). Partial scholarships are available – see application for details.

Application Deadline:
June 30, 2022

For more information + to apply visit: https://www.osgf.org/permaculture
Questions? Please contact christine@osgf.org

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