High Demand on U.S. Cotton Growers for Organic Cotton
29 June 2015—According to the results of the Natural Resources Survey conducted by Cotton Incorporated, Americans are demanding more and more sustainable cotton farming methods for use in clothing, maternity, babies and even in households. It is the desire of Americans and especially mothers not to have clothing laden in pesticides, insecticides and herbicides, especially on the skin of their little ones. News Release from North America / News Release International / Read full article


New Study Argues for Major Efforts to Mitigate Natural Disasters through Improved Agricultural and Environmental Practices
18 June 2015—In a report released today, researchers from the international relief and development organization CARE and agricultural research advocacy organization, Future Harvest call for environmental and agricultural policy and practices designed to encourage resiliency among developing countries faced with the potential for natural disasters. News Release from North America / News Release International / Read the study


Conservation films finally making it into the mainstream media
23 March 2015—It's taken many years for media outlets to get on board with showing films that feature conservation and show the exploits of commercialism and capitalism. Almost overnight these films went from obscurity to widely available thanks to free apps like Showbox and others. The public can now access them on smartphones and smart TV's easily. Read more


International Year of Rice: Rice Research Helps Feed Almost Half the World and Boosts Farmer Incomes
12 March 2015— For the first time, the United Nations has declared a year in honor of a crop, marking 2004 as the International Year of Rice with the theme "Rice is life." Scientists and researchers with the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research have long been active in creating rice varieties to meet the needs of people around the world including initiatives to bring better health and sustainable livelihoods to rice farmers and consumers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Read more


Pod Borer Plague Stopped Short
3 February 2015— A small village in India is the center of a major breakthrough in agriculture. Scientists working there are using mixtures derived from caterpillar carcasses to develop a naturally occurring enemy to the pod borer, one of the world's most pervasive and destructive agricultural pests. Read more

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